All security visits are made by Ltd. professionals and we do not contract work out. Ltd. provides the following services, for your peace of mind, while you are absent:

Random checks of your home on a daily, or long term basis, and tailored to individual needs

Inspect exterior/interior of your property, including appliances, plumbing, heating, gas and water systems

Provide personal care for most household petsand watering of your plants. .

Reposition vehicles and alternate curtains/shades to give that "lived-in" appearance

Collect papers and flyers and forward mail, upon request, to your holiday destination

Place lights and radio/sound system on a 24-hour timer, a loaner is available

Maintain a visit log at residence that can be forwarded during extended absences

Home-sit for short periods due to absences for weddings, funerals, service calls, etc.

Arrange for a permanent, video inventory cataloging of your property, home and contents

Provide the name and phone number of contractors for lawn cutting, watering, swimming pool maintenance, and snow clearing services, if required Ltd. guarantees competent service with affordable rates.

Consider a Ltd. gift certificate for family and friends. Ltd. suggests some practical Security Tips to discourage burglaries.



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