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2022 / 2023 Fee Schedule

Home Security Checking Visits:

Minimum four (4) Visits Per Contract

Frequency of Security Visits

Daily Visit   $ 22.00 per visit
48 Hour Cycle   $ 23.00 per visit
72 Hour Cycle  $ 24.00 per visit
Twice Weekly 4 Day Cycle $ 25.00 per visit
 5 / 6 Day Cycle $ 26.00 per visit
Weekly Visit  $28.00 / $ 30.00 per visit

Daily Visit Commercial / Institutional $ 30.00 per visit 
  Minimum four (4) Visits Per Contract*  

Pet Care and Home Security Checking Visits:
Frequency of Pet Care & Security Visits

Daily Visit  Extra charge of $ 1.00 for each additional pet will apply - 4 pet maximum

$ 26.00 per visit 
Every 48 Hours Extra charge of $ 1.00 for each additional pet will apply - 4 pet maximum.

$ 28.00 per visit 



*Minimum Four (4) Visits Per Contract: If household keys are held under the Call N' Go Program by HomeCheckers.ca Ltd, the minimum visit requirement is reduced to three (3) visits. During peak holiday periods, a minimum of five (5) visits will apply for all new customers.

Forwarding of residential mail via Canada Post /Fedex/UPS - Fee of $ 15.00 plus postage, per mailing. Fee of $15.00. First increase in 22 years.

No fee for the two (2) administrative visits to set-up the contract.

An extra fee may apply: Snow clearing / salting of walkways; starting/ moving and snow removal from vehicles. A fee of $5.00 to $10.00 depending on length of walkway.

An extra fee wll apply for time/mileage to rural properties within the Greater Ottawa on an individual basis.

For the delivery of keys to a lawyer on the closing of a real estate sale, a fee of $30.00 will apply. If it involves parking fees in a downtown location a fee of $35. 00 will apply.

Plant Care:

A fee of $5.00 will apply. first increase in 25 years.

Terms: Deposit of 25% with the balance payable upon completion, on accounts in excess of $100.00. Otherwise full payment on signing of service contract. On absences longer than a month, full monthly payment is due at the end of each completed month by post dated cheques or interac etransfers to pay@homecheckers.ca

Payment Methods:



 Interac e-Transfer
(No Credit Cards)

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March 28, 2022

John L. MacMillan