Insurance Requirements: Ltd. suggests that when you travel, do not leave your most important investment and possessions, vacant and unchecked ? Asking neighbors or relatives to check your home and pets during an extended absence may be inconvenient and not always practical. Ltd. notes that most household insurance policies contain a vacancy validation clause that requires the homeowner to ensure a competent person is checking their dwelling. During the heating season, your home must be checked on a daily basis, following an absence of more than 4 consecutive days. Check with your home insurance company for specifics on mandatory home checking for insurance validation.

Residential security alarm systems, while generally reliable, do not replace the personal home checking required by insurance companies during an extended absence.

During 2022 Ottawa had over 2833 break-and-enters, averaging more than 7 a day. Burglars do not choose victims, they choose opportunities. Most burglaries occur during the day when occupants are not home. Burglars are usually lazy and look for a home that can easily be broken into.



A True Occurrence!
Leaving town during a cold Michigan winter without turning off the water to the pipes in the garage.

A house in the country worth $1,000,000. dollars.

Three luxury cars worth $ 150,000 dollars. 
Any disclaimers in your Insurance Policy ?



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